Inner-City Muslim Action Network
Advisors: Mr. Farid and Mr. Mohamed

Executive Members:

BOYS: Khader Doleh,
Ayman Hassanein, Muafaq Omari, Ibrahim Salah,  Malek Sarahan
Nour Asfour, Aya Hassan, Ahsana Islam, Myesha Tabriz



Community Clean-Up

As of September 2012, the Universal IMAN Club began its first official community clean up. The team, consisting of many volunteers, cleaned up the community garden. They eradicated the place of weeds, dying plants, and harvested the produce in the area, including cantaloupe and squash. This effort will continue on annually, extending its projects into the summer time as a collective effort will be enacted so as to purify the community garden and beautify the landscape through planting flowers and vegetables.   


 Sanad is a program the Universal IMAN Club undertakes, packing and distributing food to those in need. Members visit the Sanad location and volunteer their time; distributing this food equally to the needy. Many members participate in this program and enjoy doing so.

    Civic Engagement Opportunities
IMAN Club members are continuously presented with volunteer opportunities. Students invest their time in preparing, cooking, and serving food to those in need at soup kitchens, they visit animal shelters and assist in caring for the animals, and they visit children's' hospitals in order to spend quality time with ill children. This is done by reading them stories, sharing past experiences, or playing with them. Many members partake in these available opportunities and extrapolate the best experiences from these presented moments.



Iman Club rewards Hardworking Students

For those that work hard to achieve and become the best in their classes we rewarded gladly with pancake breakfasts and basketball tournaments.